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For is for those who are not sure that they are ready for meditation but would like to understand the workings of the mind better, gain greater clarity and learn how to manage their thoughts.

Benefits include:

  • Becoming a master of your thoughts and feelings

  • Applying the gentle art of self-reflection and encourage personal growth

  • Tapping into the natural positivity of the mind

  • Finishing negative, energy-draining language and self-talk

  • Developing a constantly positive attitude


Stress has been identified as a leading cause of many health problems. Largely psychological, rather than physical in origin and therefore much more difficult to prevent and remedy. Modern stress affects nearly all of us at some point in our lives. Regardless of its origins, stress drains our physical, emotional and mental energy.


Learn how to:

  • Identify different forms of stress and the effects it has on our well-being

  • Identify the triggers of stress and how and why we react

  • Use practical tools to enable inner change

  • Move from fearing change to embracing it

  • Develop your spiritual intelligence to manage stress.


No matter how successful we may be, almost all of us could do with a self-esteem boost. Reminded of our core values, our own innate value, we can face life confidently and peacefully.

Learn how to:

  • Know and discover your positive self

  • Accept yourself, identifying personal strengths, abilities and uniqueness

  • Develop effective strategies for building healthy relationships, letting go of fears and aggression

  • Empower yourself, making the right choices to maintain inner balance


The greatest resource of any organization is it’s people. If teams work well then productivity and morale remain high and conversely if teams are dysfunctional then the result can be high turn-over of staff, low morale and productivity and also a messy influence on client relationships. In this workshop we will explore ways that we can make our messages as clear as possible, and ways to improve how we receive messages from others – both are essential to communicate authentically. We will also discuss different ways communication can be sabotaged – both by us, and by others.

Key learning points:

  • Definition of a team;

  • Characteristics of effective teams;

  • Practising skills in supporting development through constructive communication;

  • Role play activity to engage active listening skills;

  • Practice of reflective techniques to understand my communication style and improve it.


Anger is an expression of inner pain; an indication that all is not well in our world. It is one of the most powerful and destructive emotions.  How can we change the anger within and use our energy in more positive ways?

Learn how to:

  • Understand the anger process

  • Realise the power of your thoughts in dealing with anger

  • Let go of inner pain

  • Use spiritual knowledge and awareness to transform anger

  • Develop a range of practical tools to live a more peaceful life

For all bookings please email or call us on 24782924

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