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Where to Meditate

Modern Apartment

At Home

You don't need a special room or allocated space, any quiet corner or comfortable chair will do. Make a regular appointment to meet up with your innermost self. Visit whenever you like. Visit often.


Outside or inside

The whole world offers itself to you to select your own special place to connect with yourself and the One. On a sunlit beach or in a supermarket queue, a serene riverbank or a dentist's waiting room, a bench in a city square or a patch of grass somewhere. Everywhere is a fine place to become still and silent. Pick your own place of peace.

Modern Office

In your workplace

Wherever you work, a little creative thought can suggest a place for meditation: quietly holding the phone to your ear for a moment or two while listening to the silence within, instead of a voice on the phone.

Tour Group

Quiet among crowds

As you learn how to create a quiet room within yourself, you'll find that you can slip into it at any time. When there are people around you, or when the world is noisy or challenging, step into the quietest place on the planet – the silent space of the soul.

Long Train Ride

While travelling

The time you spend going from one place to another, on foot, travelling by bus or train can be used to visit your internal space of stillness. The open-eyed method of Raja Yoga meditation makes this inner journey possible and practical.


Alone or in company

The most beautiful experiences of meditation can occur when you're just on your own, only in the company of the One. There are also places and times when you might choose to meditate with others.

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